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Are you a Music Producer but you’re lacking that something extra? Did you know pop super producer Max Martin developed “melodic math”? Did you know that Taylor Swift uses a powerful melody formula? Did you know the Weeknd’s music is based on a simple powerful music trick? Did you know that Dr. Dre knows how to control your head so you “nod” extra hard with a drum secret? These are just some of the things we cover in our Pop & Urban Music Production class.

Bring in your music and get critiques while you’re learning the killer secrets behind today’s biggest hits. Join us to take your music to the next level. All classes are held at Pixel Blue College’s downtown campus at 200 10080 Jasper Avenue. When registering you can pay for one class but you also have the option to buy multiple classes at a discounted rate. Registration must be completed online before the class begins and there will be no refunds.


Start Date

July 10th, 2017

Day & Time

Thur, 6:00-7:00pm


$20 per Class

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