Accommodation in Edmonton

Pixel Blue College is a boutique style college focusing on hands-on, practical career training. Due to the small size of institution, there is no residence or campus housing available. However, the College is located in the heart of Edmonton’s downtown area and is connected by Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Edmonton transit services...

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banking in Canada

Banks in Canada charge different fees for the same type of service. You should research which bank best matches the services that you need. Things to ask about are: monthly service charges, telephone and computer banking options, transaction charges, and interest...

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Entrance Requirements

At Pixel Blue College, our entrance requirements are more subjective than other post-secondary schools as we are focused on finding the right people to enter our program, who have not only the skills, but also the drive and passion to be successful...

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Tuition and Tuition Refunds

Tuition at Pixel Blue College includes all costs of attending the school. Tuition includes: Program fees, instruction by a dedicated professional instructor, who continues to be involved in the industry, all textbooks, use of a dedicated machine, including the latest version of software appropriate to the program of study, and 24 hour access to the school...

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Medical Insurance

In some countries, you are covered for medical or dental treatment without any cost. You go to a doctor, dentist or hospital and you receive treatment at no cost. This is NOT the case in Canada. You must purchase a private health insurance plan through an insurance company or agent in your home country or in Canada...

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Orientation Program

Orientation will take place at the beginning of each intake. Specific orientation for international students will be held in advance of orientation for Canadian students...

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Support for International Students

Pixel Blue College is committed to ensuring the comfort and success of students from other countries and other cultures. As Canada has a diverse blend of cultures, where possible, an international student is “buddied” with a Canadian student from a similar background...

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Complaints & Dispute Resolution

Concerns regarding training will first be addressed using Pixel Blue College’s student complaint process. A student who has a complaint or a concern, should first approach his or her classroom instructor...

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Contact Information


Curtis Greenland


Michelle Demers


+1 (780) 756-3990



Julian Brezden, Greg Driedger, Kevin Hayes, Umesh Sahajpal, Oscar Toledo.

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