Graphic Design & Photography


Exploring the limitless world of creativity through digital media design, technical awareness and the role of visual communication through commercial and graphic art.


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March 16, 2020

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Through the use of innovative teaching practices, custom designed labs, and the use of real-world projects, Graphic Design students will be guided through the intricacies of creating portfolio projects that will enable them to find a suitable career path in the new media industry. By keeping a close eye on the industry and feedback from industry related companies and professionals, the Graphic Design curriculum is constantly evolving to allow students to enter the workforce running.

Graduates can step comfortably into any creative department while setting a career path for future growth. Student work is evaluated and critiqued until it meets or exceeds the instructor’s expected level of excellence. Students will have the opportunity to develop the specific technical areas suited to their interests.

Some possible career options after the course are Graphic Designer, Web Designer, New Media Specialist, Multimedia Producer, Print Production Artist, Production Artist, Advertising Director, Marketing Director.



The tuition for the Graphic Design Diploma Program is $15,995 CAD. This covers the costs of 5 months in-class instruction, the use of a personal computer, all the required course materials, including textbooks and full access to our facilities 24 hours a day.


iMac, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, and Squarespace.

Meet The Faculty


“The most intense five months of my life! Anyone looking to enter the creative industry should consider Pixel Blue College”

- Alicia B.


Student Work

Through personalized, one-on-one critiques and group sessions, students are able to improve their craft under the guidance of talented instructors and the support of creative classmates.


Program Curriculum

Print Design & Communication

The foundation for creative development begins with exploration of the fundamentals of graphic design. from typography to corporate branding and identity development. Students will embark on a journey that will allow them to imagine, create, and produce functional design pieces that can be used in all forms of media advertising and print production.

Web Design

Global business and communications reside within the Internet and the Web. Students are taken from website design through implementing web-based solutions from both a design and communication perspective.


Students learn the basics of photography and get hands-on experience with weekly photo-walks throughout Edmonton. The class discusses photos taken to learn various principals of photography including lighting, form, texture and colour. Students will use Adobe Lightroom for picture editing and modification.

Practical Experience

Design professionals require a combination of technical skills and soft skills, like problem solving and interpersonal skills, to sustain them though their career. Students will explore the concepts of project management and the elements of proper documentation and planning, as well as explore the fundamentals of market-driven design and development. Students will meet clients for assessment and learn to present their ideas in a professional and creative manner.

Portfolio Development

Students will create a portfolio as their final assignment. Students have applied their creative skills throughout the course on various practical design projects in our studio-based design program. Students will incorporate their creative work to show potential employers the breadth and depth of their skills.


Students will have the option to participate in an unpaid internship once they complete the academic modules. Internships lengths and duties will vary. As the Internship is optional, students are not required to fulfill this component in order to graduate. Students who want to participate should notify the Director of Education of their intention to participate no later than Week 6 of the program.

The Graphic Design Diploma Program Curriculum also includes 20 hours of Career Development, with Pixel Blue College’s Employment Specialist.


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