Digital Audio Production


Learn the fundamentals of audio theory and progress on to hands-on interaction with the hardware and software tools commonly used in the industry.


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March 16, 2020

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Pixel Blue College's Digital Audio Production Program is designed to educate students in modern audio production techniques. Students will learn the fundamentals of audio theory and then quickly proceed to hands-on interaction with the hardware and software tools commonly used in the industry.

Students must display exceptional work ethic and be passionate in their commitment to learning. An intensive classroom environment is created with emphasis on Real World Education. While musical expertise is an asset, it is not essential for the student to be accepted into the program. No prior knowledge is assumed.

Some possible career options after the course are Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Music Editor, Sound Technician, Sound Designer, Digital Audio Editor.



The tuition for the Digital Audio Production Diploma Program is $15,995 CAD. This covers the costs of 5 months in-class instruction, the use of a personal computer, all the required course materials, including textbooks and full access to our facilities 24 hours a day. Students will have the use of Pixel Blue College’s separate recording studio.


iMac, Reaper & Logic with Steinberg CI1 Hardware, Cubase, Pro Tools, Reason, Oxygen 49 Midi Keyboard.

Meet The Faculty


“The Digital Audio program cuts the BS and focuses on everything you need to know to be successful in the music industry.”

- Nilo Roman


Student Work

Through personalized, one-on-one critiques and group sessions, students are able to improve their craft under the guidance of talented instructors and the support of creative classmates.


Program Curriculum

Psychoacoustics – The Perception of Sound & Audio Theory

Sound is magic. It is based in science but skewed by the human mind. Students will immediately learn how sound works on the psyche of the human mind. They will devour theory that unlock the secrets the biggest music producers apply to hit songs. Just like an illusionist will misdirect the audience to pull off a miracle; engineers & producers do the same. What you think you hear is not reality. We will cover audio editing maneuvers, theory, inner workings of a digital audio workstation & how humans perceive sound.

Mixing & The Art of Reverse Engineering

Mixing is assembling recorded pieces of music. We take this further by applying techniques that give a rollercoaster of emotions an audience craves. On top of that each student will be groomed at analyzing the deepest secrets of a song. Reverse engineering any new material out. After every song becomes a new adventure to discover.

Music Production

The record making process is shrouded in secrecy and we will draw back the curtains. Teaching the fundamentals of music theory as it applies to popular music. Students will get to hear Grammy award winning artists demo’s and hear how a hit is actually made.

Critical Listening & Ear Training

Expanding on the concepts from previous topics students will now focus on developing that magic ear. Imagine when you’ll be able to spot a song’s melody and replay it in seconds. Being able to identify the key of a kick tone to maximize the thunderous bass in your songs. Ear training will cover frequencies, intervals, song keys, timbre & more.

Acoustics: Building a Studio

The room is 70% of what you hear when you listen to music. Most people have never heard music in it’s purest flattest frequency response. In this module we will show you how to design and correct the flaws in your room. This will lead to better accuracy for all your material going forward.

Synthesis & Foley

Did you know that 90% of what you hear in your favorite movie or TV show is added after the fact? Sound Designers are the unsung heroes that breathe life into dull lifeless characters. Using high-level synthesis techniques you will be able to craft & sculpt unique sounds for music or film!

Portfolio & Career Development

With all the knowledge and techniques learned students now use their skills to build a stunning reel that wow’s future employers. Students will choose a path that best fits their future desires. Portfolio choices include music production, radio & podcasts, sound design for video or mixing music. With hard work students will leave with a demo reel that attracts attention!

The Digital Audio Production Diploma Program Curriculum also includes 20 hours of Career Development, with Pixel Blue College’s Employment Specialist.


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