See what some of our graduates and alumni had to say.

Pixel Blue is an amazing college based around awesome teachers, small class sizes and a great atmosphere for students to learn. I completed the course in Digital Audio Production in 2012 and couldn’t be happier with what I learned from my teacher, Umesh and the other teachers and employees were always there to help if you had questions. I had originally heard of this school from my younger brother who competed a course in 3D Animation & Modeling, who also had a great time. This College got me in and out of my desired course in only six months. It was a 2 year condensed course, so yes... It’s 9-5, five days a week, but if you’re willing to put in the time, the outcome is well worth it. Anyway, it was awesome. And definitely worth the time to go in for a quick interview to find out more about whichever course you’re interested in.
— Adam H.
This school is great. I took the full course load they offer in Audio and have to say it was a great experience. My hand wasn’t held during the course and I was often challenged to improve my understanding and skills. Unlike other schools that offer the same courses, this school is very hands on. I have friends that go to schools that no longer help them with even understanding their student loans let alone still email their students about job opportunity. This isn’t to say it’s an easy course that you can just sit around in like you did in high school. You need to put some actual effort into the course to get the most out of it. The one person who didn’t enjoy the course put little to no effort into it. I believe that to be the fault of the student neither the instructor nor the institution. I think the best part about Pixel Blue is the fact that they still interact with me whenever I have questions. I can email my instructor, Umesh, and he will give me advice on how to improve or further on my career. Or if you are having issues with student loans Curtis will help you out and get you all the info you need to get everything in order. This is truly a great school filled with many great instructors.
— Joey R.
Pixel Blue College has been one of my favourite educational experiences. Previously to enrolling in their 3D animation program, I had completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the U of A. Having been to two drastically different styles of schooling, I must say that it is Pixel Blue College that gave the real world experience that lead me to where I am now. Here’s the best thing about it: Small classes. This means that you get the one on one time you need, as long as you are willing to ask. Practical Instruction. I was taught mainly by Greg, and loved his style of teaching. He has a realistic outlook on the 3D field, was incredibly up to date with things that were going on in the industry, and had a really straightforward method of teaching and critiquing. Sense of Community - It’s been about a year since I graduated, and I still keep in touch with some of the people in my class. You cannot help but to feel like a part of something when you are there. Lastly, we were even instructed on how to get a job within our industry, something that everyone thinks they know tons about until they have to put it in to practice. Without this I would not have my current job, as a 3D artist/designer for a local mobile app development company. Pixel Blue really gave me all the tools that I needed, leaving me to put it all in to practice.
— Jenna M.
I attended this school and found it to be a fantastic experience. The Program was the most intense and focused that I’ve attended. In six months I felt I had a full mastery of Maya and 3D animation. The Instructor was always available and helpful. He not only knew the program, but also keeps up to date pointing us in the direction of the sites that would allow us to do the same post graduation. The rests of the faculty are a pleasure to know and have continued to support me as I build a career long after graduation. If you’re serious about the subject you choose and are willing to work hard this is a fantastic choice.
— Brandon A.
I came to the Pixel Blue College from the other country - that’s why I didn’t hear so much about it and was a bit nervous. I can tell that studying was beyond my most optimistic expectations. I studied 2D animation. I really liked the way our classes were organized - they always were pleasant but with a proper attention to the object - our instructor Kevin taught us all the basic theoretical aspects of animation and many practical methods that I’m using in my job all the time. Also I got such an essential thing as a sense of style (I didn’t even know that someone can teach me this!!). The atmosphere in the college is very friendly and informal (but not disorganized), that is just awesome and also favors the creativity. Studying in the Pixel Blue College is very intensive, and no matter how studiously instructors will teach you, you should work hard and understand your full responsibility for the results.
— Tamila Y.
I signed up for the 2D animation program hoping to learn something new and interesting as well as to improve on what I could already do. My experience far exceeded my expectations. Kevin, our instructor, was very knowledgeable about the field and the projects we had to do for him were all fun and appropriately challenging. We started learning about the very basics of animation and ended up being able to do various small but complex projects. Although the course was short, it was also intensive, and I do believe that it was worth putting my effort into it. Looking back at the work I was asked to do, I can certainly say that I have greatly improved since starting the course and I was also able to add several things to my portfolio and skillset that are still useful to me today. The school itself also has a great atmosphere and all of the instructors and administrative staff members I have met are very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Pixel Blue to anyone who is interested in any creative field and is willing to accept challenges.
— Vinh L.