Next start date

Oct. 4, 2017


3D Animation studies the techniques and tools for producing the next generation of 3D Animation & Modeling. 3D Animation builds on the foundations of high-end modeling & animation through the exploration of content creation, manipulation, and special effects. Pixel Blue College's 3D Animation program prepares students for various opportunities in the 3D industry. Students will be able to find work in broadcast, architectural, engineering, 3D Gaming, film, scientific research and many other industries that have a 3D application.

This field is continuing to expand and now includes many other industries and therefore offers great growth opportunities for graduates with 3D Modeling and Animation skills. Using the latest software and hardware tools is just one of the ways Pixel Blue College is changing the face of education. This program offers an unprecedented amount of available lab time enabling students to create better demo reels and perfect their 3D skills.

Some possible career options after the course are 3D Animator, Game Modeler, Film Production, Special Effects Artist, Character Designer, Production Artist, Multimedia Developer, Game Environment Artist, Architectural Planning & Design, Landscape Architecture, and Visual Design Consultant