Pixel Blue & Rupertsland Institute

In partnership with Rupertsland Institute, we are offering full time, 5 and 6 month, immersion style diploma programs fully funded for MΓ©tis students.



Kickstart your career

All programs focus on creating graduates with the knowledge needed to succeed in today's highly competitive marketplace. With small class sizes, 24-hour access and dedicated equipment, students get the most personalized attention.  Pixel Blue College offers full-time immersion-style programs with instructors who are industry trained who are able to offer our students the best education possible.

All our full-time Diploma Programs are 5–6 months in length.  We practice what we call immersion style learning, a style of learning in which the student is completely immersed in their education, the technical tools, and their work.   It is like a full time job.  You work at it for 7.5 hours a day, 5 days a week for the entire program with the instructor in class with you the entire time.  The style of education is very successful as we focus more on the practical side of learning and focus less on theory and theory based testing.  Students are expected to create work in the same manner as an employee creates work for his/her employer.